Saving Money and Free Stuff

1.Shop For a Cause

Every Author Be Aware

2. All can get great savings coupons at your local supermarket courtesy desk and google your online supermarket for more great saving coupons. Also many local supermarkets give you free paper booklets that have great coupons in them.

In addition, Woman gives you free products;I recommend that you sign up on Facebook. Also there are many free contests on Facebook and free prizes.

Some energy companies recommend some smaller companies that give you free service and you will get a savings on your energy bill that still is under contract with your original energy company:if you have a senior citizen in your household, and your family income meets the requirements, you can get free items such as light bulbs, shower heads, faucets and even major appliances-some give you an air-conditioner or a refrigerator and help pay a portion of your energy bill and give you free repairs but, caution yourself because they might charge a service fee and part fee-find out before you sign a contract.

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