Every Author Be Aware

I signed with a Book Publication Company and paid a deposit and i just found out that I was misinformed by the company; the company which I knew was taken over by a major company but, my former publishing consultant misinformed me that my book cover would have their famous name on it (no one else said anything either when I said, "my life time dream was to be in this famous book with my work" until I spoke to the publisher's  adviser yesterday). Every Author Be Aware and not have this happen to you. I put every cent that I had in this book because I believed that the famous name of the publication would be on the cover of my book; if I had more funds I would have stayed with the company and made posters to display the mother company famous name to sell my book and advertise on Facebook and Twitter. Since I do not, the company said that they are starting the reimbursement process and I am grateful. My first novel and since I am unknown in this area, I need the famous publication name to draw in the readers. My heart is just aching;I can not believe that this all transpired. But, I do believe this happened for a reason and I will go positively forward. I suggested that the company have Rising Author (for new authors or newer Authors) on the famous publisher's book cover; I hope that happens with this company and others companies would follow. All I can do is suggest and I hope for the companies sake and other new or newer authors will benefit in the near future by the company making a positive change. 

So, the first thing that I as an author will do is to see the name of the book cover by the publisher in writing; I never thought that this would be a problem. As a new author, there are so many first worries but, this should not be one of them. Also I took the largest package because I wanted the best division name to be on my book because it was a health and healing division. I am so glad to spare another fellow writer of this dilemna-Every Author Be Aware. It should save all Authors a lot of money and spare a lot of aggravation. 

The good news is my E-book, "Miraculous Heal Messianic Religion" is still on our website and I pledged in writing 50% will be donated to Epilepsy Foundation of NJ (as i stated before). I am be hopeful that I will be able to sell a lot of books and help the major cause of Epilepsy Foundation more; our charity, Artist Barbara Alsieux Fine Art Studio, http://www.essexcountypotteryclasses.com/ Mobi Dart is the wonderful SEO company that designed our free website for our Non-Profit -please, give generous to their campaign to keep their website free for all Non-Profits (no affiliation to our Blog Post) donates 50% for our once a year fund raiser, Shop for A Cause Macy's. I am an honorary member of Epilepsy. I hope that all Authors are generous to a charity of your choice. Again, my E-book that I a fore mentioned and a free Audio is included the total cost $27.99. 

Thanking-You, Barbara Iris Alsieux, the Author, Founder and the Owner!

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