Quick Advice

  1. Great Pets to Get For Your Child
  2. Do art with your child and open their horizons with a smile.
  3. Read poetry to your child and watch your child soar with so much more.
  4. Listen to your child's likes and dislikes, and your child will develop themselves and find their way.
  5. Teach your children to worship and love god before anyone else.
  6. Sing with your children and spread more joys of life.
  7. Teach your children to forgive and forget, and they will reach g-o-d.
  8. Read to your children and watch them grow and bud.
  9. Guide your children through life, but do not steer.
  10. You can't change the hurls of your past, so remind yourself and it won't last.
  11. Everyday tell yourself something that's nice and cheer yourself up.
  12. Never pre-judge a person, always give them the benefit of the doubt.
  13. Visualization leads to realization.

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