Great Pets to Get For Your Child

I would recommend fish as a good start for your child's first pet. A Beta fish is a wonderful loving pet and lives usually a few years and are easy to care for. Dogs that you get at the pound are usually for free including shots and there are check-ups that a pound also provides. Dogs are a very loyal and loving pet that the whole family can enjoy. I would recommend a collie, an Irish Setter or German Shepherd. Dogs can also help the physical health of your family members. In addition, a dog pet becomes like another family member and can save your life; my pet did and another person's dog did. Cats also make great loving pets. Some wonderful choices of cats that I recommend are Persian, Napoleon, is playful and laid back, American Wire Hair,friendly lap cat that loves to be held by all, Havana Brown loves all people and even tempered, Tokinese, Toyger, very attentive and loving cat, Thai, sweet personality. Cats also can become like a family member.

More information about pets to follow.

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