Alsieuxs Review of Lullabytes

I recently downloaded to my I-Phone 5 an amazing Free App called Lullabytes;                                 Alsieuxs Review of LulIabytes, I highly recommend that every mother or father in our world should get this App. This App will help your baby get a more proper nights sleep. There is a great chart that tells you how much sleep your baby needs by their age and nap time and it takes in consideration other factors such as teething and if your baby is sick. Also there is the cutest and comforting night light, a lightning bug. In addition, you can select wonderful classical music by famous Musicians such as Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Gluck, Schumann, Satie and Brahms; you can adjust the sound with your settings and if your baby continues to cry , you can select a feature that continues playing music until your baby falls asleep (you have an option of not using the microphone to record your baby's voice). lullabytes automatically restarts after fifteen seconds and you can even disable the delay or change it to your baby's liking. Lullabytes is a division of baby Bites.

I only wish that I had this App, Lullabytes, over twenty years ago, when my son was born.His bedtime was so difficult and the only way that my son would fall asleep was for me to rock him in my arms; also I had to breast feed him throughout the night and I was half asleep. The music then was not as high quality on our record player or cassette player. Lullabytes changes all of this that I a fore mentioned ; your baby can fall asleep right away with this beautiful symphony sounding music and I believe that baby can really enjoy this. My listening to Lullabytes magnificent music was also satisfying to me. I did a lot of study on Lullabytes App for a weeks time and found all features always functioning properly.

I did research on the proper sleep for infants and found the following facts. According to the Sleep Foundation , it is very essential for an infant to have usually a regular sleep and wake up time and for an infant to develop it on their own on their crib without our assistance; otherwise an infant will always depend on us adults. Therefore, the App Lullabytes is truly needed and excellent for infants in my strong opinion because an infant will develop their sleeping and waking on their own with this soothing classical music. Also Web MD says that proper sleep is important for proper body and mind development. The Web MD says that we should use an App for recording a baby's sleep patterns and so Lullabytes is perfect because it records a baby's sleep patterns and even more it plays soothing music that helps baby to become more independent. In addition, according to Washington Edu, a baby's sleep is as important as their breathing. So, a baby needs to develop rhythm or it is called "Cradian Rhythm". Again in my Alsieuxs Review of Lullabytes and my strong opinion, there is no other App product that compares to Lullabyte. Updated Version/Price 2013-10-30/1.6 Free; the link is https://itunes!                                                                    

 Baby Bytes Studio, LLC(2)

Sincerely and Happy Holidays, Barbara Iris Alsieux, the founder and the Owner of Parental World Knowledge! 

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