Write a Letter to Our Overseas Military Person

All parents write a letter with your child to our Military person that is stationed overseas; please, tell the Military person how much you honor them. Also please send the Military person a Prayer message. Also your child could do some Art work right on your letter; please, have your child draw your family and draw a pet if they have one. Also your child can share what they want to be when they grow up. In addition, what your child’s hobbies are. It would make the Military person feel so wonderful to know that all her or his efforts are worth it fighting to protect such a wonderful child as you have. If you want, also include your mailing or e-mail address;so our Military person can write back-most do. Please, start it today. You can view sample letters and find where to send your letter at http://www.amillionthanks.org/ ;this org is a 501C3 for tax purposes according to their site and I also checked by Googling it. Please, follow their directions or your letter will not be sent.

I believe that writing this letter will give your child positive Spiritual Direction and will also improve their writing skills. Also I hope that all families have the very best life!

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