WOrange NJ Most Patriotic

WOrange NJ Most Patriotic town in our country, USA, and our world; our colonists 151 years ago defended our town and our country outnumbered by the invading British. Our colonists were the stronghold that won our war against the British with our small amount of residents at our Lookout Point. Our residents even today are still the most Patriotic (helping our world) and doing everything for making our small country living like town one of the most safest in our country and we were even voted by real estate experts 2013 to be the most desirable spots to live in our country. I hope all visit.

Please, all vote us to be the “Most Patriotic” ; no one compares to all our town does for our country. All people can vote daily for WOrange NJ Most Patriotic town can be voted daily for once a day until September 3, 2013 at Rand Mc Nally best of the Road and please, also write a good comment. I was born the Fourth of July Independence Day, my Son was born Memorial Day, my Late Mom was born Presidents day , my Father was born Election Day and my Grandfather was born Flag Day; we are one of the Most Patriotic Families in our world or the Most Patriotic. Our charity Artist Barbara Alsieux Fine Art Studio will provide always one free Art or Poetry Lesson to all US Veterans. I, Barbara Alsieux, personally contacted our Mr President Obama and requested more public service announcements for the major Cause of Epilepsy and this is worldwide. Our Mr President Obama made a big Epilepsy Research Fund Raiser (In order to save our country 3 Billion Dollars to pay mostly for the treatment of Epilepsy and with our cure our deficit will be gone soon and we can help our country more and our world); a cure was found with that Research Money but, it was not Universal. Our fight is still on and I am leading it-I also am doing Shop for A Cause Macy’s and I will donate 50% for all that buy 1 ticket only $5.00 and all will receive one free Art or Poetry Lesson. 

Also we have the greatest Mayor in West Orange, NJ, Mr Mayor Parisi who always honors all Veteran residents and helps all and he is one of the main reasons our town is the “Most Patriotic”; he fosters our town residents to honor Veterans and help all residents and our world. We have 46,207 population 2010 US Census and always increasing under our great leadership of our Mr Mayor Parisi. So plesae all vote for our town.

In closing, please, subscribe to my website Parental World Knowledge and get my first chapter of my E-Book for free, “Miraculous Heal Messianic Religion.

Thanking -You,

Barbara Iris Alsieux, the Founder and the Owner

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