Wisdom Herbs

Herbs are the healthiest, safest and most effective way to loose weight. I have been taking herbs in recent months slowly and I lost considerable weight;I am permanently disabled and it is helping me considerably-I can maneuver better (yet, I still am in acute and severe pain off and on). I will soon take Wisdom Herbs and I believe that it will alleviate some pain and heal me but, it will take a long time. My intended regime would be the Heart capsule, the Bone capsule and the Cleanse capsule. Our friends are loosing even more weight than me with this regime;also they are giving testimony to this. Our price for 100 capsules only $40.00, the lowest price on the market, each additional bottle $10.00 off and then, after the fourth the fifth is free. We give one away to a needy person each time we sell a bottle;we are just a small ripple effect now but, this will definitely stop world hunger. Please, visit Wisdom-Square.com to learn more information about Wisdom Herbs.

So, please, take good care of your families health, your friends and your health and call for your Wisdom Herbs;at the same time you will be helping stop world hunger. Call us today 973736-1637, 973280-6356 (Cell), (973)282-6071 David Alsieux's Cell;we are here 9 AM-5 PM Eastern Standard Time Mon-Sun. We do not have mailing capabilities yet;all people can pick up your orders in West Orange, NJ or if large orders for a company we will deliver free ourselves in our Tri-State area. Also we provide one free lecture in our Tri-State area. The late Dr Sebi won against our Supreme Court that Herbs cure all known diseases; world renown doctors testified on his behalf. So, Wisdom Herbs can keep all people healthy and cure all your diseases. So, why wait please, call us today.

In closing, if your families, friends or you are on medications always first check with your doctor if it is okay to take herbs. I take medications and my doctor said it is fine but, check for your medication. In addition, all who refer people who buy Wisdom Herbs get ten percent commission each bottle sold. It would be a lucrative business for all. Please, again call to place your order today; we want your family, friends and you to immediately gain more focus and energy by taking Wisdom Herbs. Again, Wisdom Herbs will stop world hunger. 

Lots of Love, 

Barbara Iris Alsieux, the Founder and the Owner of Parental World Knowledge and the joint owner of Wisdom Herbs

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