Very Tasty Salmon Cakes

Rubinstein Red Salmon 2 cans
Ritz Crackers 1/2 box
Eggs 6 
Virgin Olive Oil
Seasoned to Taste

Rinse the Salmon in the can with cold water and drain off by pressing the lid in gently. Put the Salmon on a plate and remove all the bones and dark spots and put the boneless Salmon in a large bowl. Then, crumble the Ritz Crackers and add to the Salmon and mix well. Put in your seasoning to your taste.

Pour enough Virgin Olive Oil in 2 large Pans and make hot on low heat.
Then, in a small bowl beat well your Eggs. Add the well beatened Eggs to the Salmon Mixture.

Then, with a large spoon put enough Salmon mixture to make the size of medium cakes and press down lightly in the Hot Oil. Cook until golden brown on each side and turn each side twice. It should be about 20 minutes or more total cooking time. Set your timer please.

Serve with squeezing Fresh Lemon and Heinz Ketchup on the side. You could first serve a tossed salad with a little light dressing. Also serve steamed Broccoli with a pat of butter and a baked sweet potato.

Please you and your family enjoy!

The many health benefits of Salmon:

1.Eating just 4 ounces of Wild Fresh Alaskan Salmon is equivalent to us eating 5 days of omega nutritious foods:it is due to Salmon's unusually rich omega 3 fatty acid content. It has been prove in some studies that there is an association between us having a high IQ and the consumption of a diet rich in omega 3 fatty acid.It prevents certain brain related problems. Also it combats Depression and decreases some hostility in  our teenagers and a decrease in cognitive decline in the elderly. In addition, Omega 3 fat has also been associated to the decreased risk for several types of cancer-breast cancer, prostate cancer, colorectal cancer, leukemia, multiple myeloma and non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Chronic dry eye and macular degeneration is combated by the omega 3 fatty acid in Salmon;just us having 2 servings per week is enough to significantly decrease risk by eliminating inflammation. Consuming Salmon also decreases our risk of many cardiovascular problems;such as, stroke, heart attack, heart arrhythmia and high blood pressure. Our skin is helped to stay more youthful looking by the omega 3 fatty acid in Salmon because it locks the moisture into our skin cells and thereby encourages the production of elastin fibers and strong collagen. The Omega 3 fatty acid also alleviates our skin blemishes. Our hair also has more lustre , shine and proper growth from the omega 3 fatty acid in Salmon.

2.Even the Farm Fresh Red Salmon and Canned Red Salmon has great health benefits for us almost equivalent to the Wild Fresh Alaskan Salmon. The Canned Red Salmon has a lot of calcium because it has many bones;it strengthens our bones and teeth.

3. Salmon is also rich in vitamin D and selenium and they both have many health benefits such as preventing unwanted inflammation. Also Vitamin D has significant effects on our cognitive function. Furthermore , Vitamin D has the significant ability of lowering our risk to several forms of cancer,which includes prostate, breast and colorectal cancer.The combined effect of Vitamin D and Selenium in Salmon is aids in the prevention of certain cancers including colorectal cancer. The antioxidant selenium is in high levels and it further protects us against heart disease.Vitamin D, also Vitamin A and over 50% of B2 and B12 and the selenium which is in Salmon  further helps our tissues, nails, hair, etc.

4. Also Wild Salmon made provide us with protection for joint cartilage, supports the effectiveness of insulin,the control of inflammation in the throat;it is due to the small bioactive protein molecules,which is called bioactive peptides.



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