US Military Yoga

Dahn Yoga exercise will connect our mind and body and improves our well being of both (as I already said in my earlier Blog and I personally experienced by doing Dahn Yoga and recently I added Tibetan Yoga Exercise to my daily exercise)and is essential for all US Military ;this is accomplished by our US Military Yoga exercisers stretching, deep breathing, posing and other relaxation techniques that reduces tension and stress. Dahn Yoga was founded in the early 1980’s;it was established to improve our physical and mental health.

Ralph Iovino, a 62 year old former Army Ranger and Vietnam Veteran, instructs Yoga and has helped hundreds of Veterans in the Wellington area with frayed nerves, anxiety and even PTSD (Post Trauma Disorder). Iovino said, We do move men with breath” “It helps heal trauma. It helps them sleep better and feel more relaxed. It gives them tools to work themselves out of anxiety, anger and depression. Studies back up what Iovino stated about health benefits.

YAA which stands for “Yoga for American Soldiers” it heals and saves lives of our beloved soldiers and veterans. It is a program for all branches of our  US Military. Tim Taylor, an Army Specialist and wounded warrior, Afghanistan, said, “Yoga gave me faith that my body has more power than I believed it had. It gives me freedom to believe in myself.” Soldiers that did the Yoga exercise with YAA have experienced healing, inspiration and can visualize good possibilities. Yoga Across America (registered) PO Box 19463, Sacremento, Ca 95819.

Please, all always check with a Medical doctor first before doing Yoga. Hopefully, expansion of Yoga for our  US military and our Veterans will occur. Our US Military deserve all the very best. Also I hope that all our US Troops do US Military Yoga and cure Post-Trauma Disorder  and Troops around the World do Yoga and  also cure Post-Trauma Disorder. I pray a Miraculous Healing Prayer of Peace, Spirit, Strength and Health to G-O-D H-A-S-H-E-M in Y-E-S-H-U-A’s name or J-E-S-U-S’s name for all our US Military and their family, friends, and all soldiers in our world and their family, friends. Amen.

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