Today is Autism Day!

Today is Autism Day. Autistic children and Autistic Adults are geniuses; a complete medical study was recently done and it redefined who was Autistic. Einstein was one of the many geniuses that was Autistic. I have a friend who is Autistic and I always knew he was a genius and I told him that prior to this medical  report. Also my friend is the kindest and most giving person. My telling him that Einstein had Autism :-)made him so happy to hear that. Unfortunately, children and adults that are Autistic have been in the past falsely stereotyped and not appreciated for their genius;now these medical findings with the Medical Association will have many more people appreciating and recognizing Autistic people. My hope is that many more Autistic people will be hired and given all the great opportunities that they truly deserve. 

If you are a business owner, please, hire an Autistic person. You will get a superb employee and a superb individual.

I hope all people have a great day!:-)

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