Tips On Obtaining a Job and Keeping It

First of all, compose a resume: you can go to a library and use their computer to type it if needed and the library has a standardized resume form on their computer program. If you need help with using the computer, please, ask your librarian. Also many job training centers in the United States offers computer training and resume composing classes for free. You will learn how to do a great interview. Also they will help you obtain a job. Also meeting new people at the center can also turn into networking because when people that attend get hired if you give them your e-mail or phone number and their company has another job opening you might also get hired by their referral.

Other ways to gain employment, apply for temp jobs; there is usually very high pay and immediate openings. You also can obtain flexible hours with a temp job that will allow you to have time to fit in job training and interviews for full time employment. Also Google your job title: many jobs will come up in your search apply to all with a cover letter attached and if you are granted an interview, please, write an immediate thank-you letter to the interviewer. Also employment agencies can help you obtain a job and request that they wave their fee and allow the employer to pay it because you need this job and will hard to maintain this job.

When you obtain your job, please, learn everything about your company and do all you can to keep helping your company improve and hopefully your job will become a lifetime job. I wish all great job success and I am thanking G-O-D for your family and you!

Best Regards,

B I Alsieux

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