The Proper Way To Exercise

When I was growing up, my late mom always said have a good breakfast before I did my exercise and then, wait an hour; I know now that that is not the proper way. All parents and your kids, we need to do exercise first and then, have a good breakfast and the same with lunch and dinner;Dr Oz had a TV program that made me realize this and I have been doing it daily for many months now. Also  Dr Oz said to bend your knees while standing upright with your hands at your sides, breathe in and out while doing it and do as much as you can before every meal. I feel better now and I am losing weight. I had an injury and I couldn't do as much activity as I did before. I started gaining weight even though I ate less. I now can eat more and I feel healthier. 

You can still do sports and activities an hour after eating but, the proper way to do exercise is to do it before eating. Your body will utilize the healthy nutrients by exercising first and burn off the excess calories;you will be healthier and have much more energy.

I hope that all parents and your children have a very healthy and happy life!

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