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Organic Spanish Onions 2

Bertolli Extra Virgin Olive Oil ½ cup

Organic Red Peppers 2

Organic Eggs 8 Large

Season to Your Taste

Shop Rite Skimmed Shredded Mozzarella Natural Cheese ½ package

Organic Tomatoes on the Vine 4

Red Pack Tomato Sauce 2 small cans

On your cutting board, dice the peeled and well washed with cold water Onions.

Pour the Oil in a large pan and on low heat. Add the onions.

On your cutting board, dice the well washed with cold water and seeds and stem taken off peppers. Then add to the Onions.

Beat the Eggs well. Then add the eggs to the Onions and Peppers. Season to Your Taste.

On your cutting board, cut the tomatoes in thin slices.

Turn over the Egg Mixture.

Put the Cheese on top of the Eggs.

Put the Tomatoes on top of the Cheese and pour 1 can of the sauce on it. Then with a large metal spatula fold the eggs in half and pour the second can on the top of the eggs and flip over and cook until the eggs are just light brown on both sides.

Serves 4 people for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Serve the Eggs on a large platter. My suggestion, serve first a Organic Tossed Salad with Organic Raw Vegetables with a Dip of your choice (see my low calorie recipes) or a Low calorie dressing of your choice. Also you can make your own Sweet Potato Home Fries; just peel and slice thin 4 Sweet Potatoes and cook in pre-heated Olive Oil until light brown on each side.

I hope all try and enjoy!


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