Strong Heart Tofu Recipe

Firm Tofu 1 package

Oregano 1 Tablespoon

Basil 1 tablespoon

Kosher Sea Salt 1 teaspoon

Black Pepper 1 teaspoon

Olive Oil Extra Virgin ½ cup

1. Pour out and then blot off with strong toweling the excess water in the Tofu.

2. Heat the Olive Oil in a large non stick skillet.

3. Season the tofu and place in the pan.

4. Cook until well sautéed light brown.

Serving suggestion serve with tossed salad and steamed vegetables such as, Certified USDA Organic Broccoli and String Beans.

Tofu is a food that I admit that I never thought I would try because even though I heard it was so healthy, also heard it was tasteless. But, if you make my Strong Heart Tofu  Recipe you will find it so delicious and the great news is that it is so important for a Strong Heart. First of all Tofu is a kind of cheese from the milk of pressed soybeans. There are three types of Tofu firm, which has a solid texture and tends to be higher in fat content and good for grilling and baking, soft Tofu has a softer texture than the firm and is less in fat and is a good substitute for eggs, ricotta or cottage cheese, and silken Tofu is creamier in texture and can be used to thicken a soup or a smoothie. Soy  conatins eight essential Amino acids and a lot of protein (4 ounce piece is equivalent to 9.16 grams of protein, which is more than 18% of the daily value. The other nutients of Tofu is Iron, Calcium and Omega 3 and Selenium. The Omega 3 is good for your heart and can prevent blood clots. It should be eaten in moderation;just like any food should be. Please, always consult your medical doctor for a change in your diet. I hope that your family and you enjoy and have great health!

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My sources are my own observations and my original cooking recipe, Wed MD, World's Healthiest Foods and Symptomfind.



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