Strong Heart Teeth Cleaned

We who have our teeth cleaned by our dentist at least once every two years will have a 24% less likely chance of us developing a heart attack compared to people who don’t have regular care. Also our risk of stroke drops by 13%. According to the researcher Zu-Yin, a Cardiology Fellow at the Veterans Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan. So, we will have a Strong Heart Teeth Cleaned.

Dr Cott, was my late Dentist and cousin and he said, “Plaque regularly needs to be removed on our teeth to keep our heart free of plaque and healthy”. Personally, I feel much better when my teeth are professionally cleaned. 

The following 55 foods and drinks that clean and promote healthy teeth and a healthy heart are:

1.Cranberry Juice

2. Baking Soda and 3. Water

4. Salt, baking Soda and 5. Sage as a Paste made with Water

6. Apple 

7. Strawberries

8. Strawberries and Baking Soda rinse with Water thoroughly rinse after 15 minutes.

9. Kiwis

10. Pumpkins

11. Carrots

12. Cauliflower

13. Broccoli

14. Cucumbers

15. Onions

16. Celery

17. Parsley

18. Cilantro

19. Mint

20. Sesame or 21.Sesame Oil (Ayurvedic Treatment-Holistic method)

22.. Beef

23. Chicken

24. Turkey

25. Eggs

26. Water

27. Cheese

28. Milk

29. Herbal Teas

30. Salmon

31. Cabbage

32. Chard

33. Collard Greens

34. Vinegar and Salt rinse with water immediately

35. Figs

36. Lemon Juice and Water

37. Melon

38 . Black Tea

39. Watercress

40. All Spice and Water

41. Cloves

42. Coriander , Thyme and Green Tea rinse with water immediately

43. Endive

44. Pineapple

45. Oranges

46. Tomatoes

47. Pears

48. Watermelons

49. Asparagus

50. Spinach

51. Kale

52. Eggplant with unrefined Sea Salt rinse with water immediately

53. Goji Berries with Vanilla Mint made into a paste rinse with water immediately

54. Mangoes

55. Bananas

My sources are my own observance, health how stuff works, Ready Nutrition, Wikipedia, ready nutrition, douglasville-dentist, and Web MD.

In conclusion, we can have Strong Heart Teeth Cleaned by regular professional dental care, brushing and proper foods and drinks. Please, visit our Strong Heart Smart Shop or Cancer Free. I wish all healthy teeth and healthy heart health!

                                                                                                                                                             Best Regards,

B I Alsieux, the Founder of Parental World Knowledge

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