Strong Heart Sushi Recipe

Premium White Minute Rice 2/3 cup

Rice Vinegar 3 tablespoons

White Sugar 3 tablespoons

Sea Salt or Kosher Sea Salt 11/2 teaspoon

Certified USDA Organic Seaweed Sheets 4

Certified USDA Organic Avocado (ripe) 1

Smoked Salmon 1 Pound (Take out the bones; then, it would be equivalent to about 3/4 pound) 

Black Pitted Olives 6

Green Olives with Pimentos 6

Cucumber 1/2

Ginger 2 tablespoons

To prepare the Strong Heart Sushi Recipe do as follows:

1. In a medium pot cook the rice according to the package and cover with a lid. The RiceVinegar, Sugar and Sea Salt; add to the cooked rice.

2. Pre-heat your oven 300 degrees. On a medium baking sheet heat the Seaweed sheets  2 minutes (set your timer)

3. Center one sheet of the Seaweed on bamboo sushi mat. Your hands should be wet, spread a thin layer of your rice on the seaweed and press into a thin layer.

4. On your cutting board dice your already washed with cold water Avocado (take the pit out) and then place iton a large platter.

5. Next on your cutting board, place your already washed with cold water Cucumber and peel it and dice. Then, place on the large plate separate from the Avocado.

6. Then, on your cutting board dice the Black Olives and the Green ones with the Pimentos.

7, On your cutting board the already rinsed with cold water the Smoked Salmon and take all the bones out. Put it on a regular size plate and check if you missed any bones and remove.

8. Sprinkle the Ginger on all vegetables and the Salmon.

9. Place ¼ of all the vegetables and ¼ the salmon in a line down the center of the rice. Lift the end of your mat and gently roll over the ingredients, pressing it gently. Then, roll it forward.

10. Repeat with your remaining ingredients.

11. Cut each roll into 6 slices using a sharp knife that you wet.

As a meal it feeds 4 people; as an appetizer it feeds 8 people. 

The Strong Heart and Other Health Benefits of Salmon Sushi

1. Japan has the lowest occurrence of heart disease than any other country and Salmon is the main ingredients in many sushi restaurants.

2. Salmon is one of the healthiest foods on our Earth.

3. Salmon is low in fat.

4. Salmon contains very high levels of Omega 3 Oils. The Omega 3 oils can lower our risk of developing heart disease, it prevents certain types of Cancers, lowers our blood pressure, helps our immune system and lessens us having Rheumatoid Arthritis.

5. The people in the United States do not eat enough Omega 3 in our diets for our bodies to get the oil’s full benefits; we all need to eat Omega 3 oils a few times a week. Eating one time a week can lower our cholesterol and decreases our risk of developing health problems. Omega 3 oils is also high in protein; the small amount of fat it contains is unsaturated fat which is the “healthy” kind. 

6. Also there are high levels of vitamins in Salmon -A, B, C, D, E, niacin, potassium, zinc, iron and calcium. 

7. Also Salmon is filled with Antioxidants and can prevent development of certain cancers. 

8. In addition, Salmon helps increase our memory and can Alzheimers disease.

9. Salmon also helps eye health and prevents mascular degeneration.

10. Salmon has a great source of selenium, a mineral that can protect our body from free radical damage, which can weaken cell.

11. Also Salmon also reduces depression.

12. Salmon also reduces our risk of Leukemia.

The King Salmon or the official name is Chinook is the best tasting and the largest sized used at high quality Japanese Restaurants. Then there is the Silver Salmon and it is smaller and excellent tasting also served at high quality restaurants. 

I hope that you try my Sushi recipe and enjoy your family and your way to greater health. Please, visit our Strong Heart Smart Shop or Cancer Free.

My sources are my own observance, Voices Yahoo, and Health on line zine.

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