Strong Heart Smart Brownie

 Pure Unsweetened  Dry Powder Cocoa 1 1/4 cups

Ground Flax Seed 1 cup

Ritz Whole Wheat Crackers ½ a single pack (4 packs to a package)

Milk 1 1/2 Cups

Stick Butter ½ cup

USDA Certified Organic Eggs 2

Sugar 4 tablespoons

Cinnamon 1 tablespoon

Ginger Seasoning 1 teaspoon

Dark Chocolate Squares 4 Squares

Pre-Heat Oven 350 degrees.

1. In a large bowl put the Cocoa.

2. Next add the Flax Seed to the Cocoa.

3. Crumble the Crackers finely add to the Cocoa mixture.

4. Add the Milk to the Cocoa mixture.

5. In a small bowl, mash the butter and make smooth and add to the Cocoa mixture.

6. In a small bowl beat the Eggs and add them to the Cocoa mixture.

7. Add the Sugar to the Cocoa mixture.

8.Add the Cinnamon to the Cocoa mixture.

8.. Add the Ginger to the Cocoa mixture.

9. Chop up the Dark Chocolate chip size in a large wooden bowl and add to the Cocoa mixture. Mix all ingredients well. Please, bake in a metal pan.

10. Set Timer for oven and bake about 20 minutes(please, set your timer).

11. My suggestion is to serve your Strong Heart Smart Brownie warm with Vanilla Frozen Yogurt, sprinkle some walnuts and strawberries on top. I hope that all enjoy!

Dry Powder Cocoa and Dark Chocolate both contain several minerals; it includes magnesium, copper, potassium and calcium that may support our healthy cardiovascular system. The nutritional value of most Cocoa Powder is it contains 10 to 24% of fat, the 10 -12 rang is most frequently used .It contains antioxidants, vegetable fat, and it is a vegetable fat and only has traces of cholesterol. Also it is rich in oleic a, palmitic and stearic acids. There have been studies that have concluded that Cocoa and Dark chocolate has neutral effects on our blood cholesterol levels. Cocoa butter’s protein id=s low in digestibility and this is good for our body needs proteins for all living cells. Cocoa powder contains a high percentage of Flavonoids and this is very beneficial as I stated in an earlier Blog and it also  allows a long shelf life for the Cocoa and Dark chocolate products. It contains a high content of potassium (approximately 2% and it may even rise to 5% as a result of alkalization) and is generally beneficial for us. Cocoa butter has a good amount of Vitamin E and a little lesser amount of Vitamin A. 

Again, please, always consult your doctor before changing your diet to the Strong Heart Smart Brownie. Please shop today our Strong Heart Smart Shop or Cancer Free Smart Shop. 


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