Strong Heart Military Healing-Art

Our organization , Artist Barbara Alsieux Fine Art Studio, West Orange, New Jersey, United States, is offering at any time during the year all United States Military women and men one free art or Poetry lesson. Our lessons are by an appointment Monday through Sunday 9AM-5Pm Eastern Standard Time.                             Strong Heart Military Healing-Art has been proven to combat PTSD or Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.

Wiki said, “Posttraumatic Sress Disorder is caused by the experience of a wide range of traumatic events.” many people do not experience this condition even after experiencing great trauma repeatedly but, some do. Unfortunately our military women and men are exposed to constant trauma andit has a great effect on many. On Channel 2 News, it was said, Post Traumatic Streess Disorder can be cured by Art Therapy and this is why our org will always offer on free Art or Poetry Lesson to all United States Military. Our website is Essex County Pottery Classes.

Also I read that writing music concertos is another outlet to fight PTSD by doing biofeedback on the computer. It has helped many significant numbers of military women and men suffering PTSD. Also a person will also have a beautiful concerto written that could be published for our world. Also drumming is a great cure for PTSD because it opens our blocked path for energy flow; many studies were made by Dr Miriam Bach, University of Florida, school of Music. 

Again, all military men or women are welcome to have one free Art or Poetry lesson at Artist Barbara Alsieux Fine Art Studio. Also your Art and Poetry can be a great benefit to our world. Please, all military people around the world please, check places for Strong Heart Military Healing-Art Therapy in your area. I wish all military people good health and good luck with your families. Please, also have a proper diet and check with your doctor first before starting a new diet. Please, shop our Strong Heart Smart Shop or Cancer Free. Thanking-You, B I Alsieux, the Founder of Parental World Knowledge.

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