Strong Heart Memorial Day

Please, all United States residents honor our military on this Memorial Weekend and Day; our military deserve it and it will make a Strong Heart Memorial Day for us. I in an earlier Blog suggested to all United States residents please, write a letter with your child to the military. Again the website is and you can view sample letters there and you will find where to send your letter. Also other countries , please, do the same as I a fore mentioned in this paragraph for your military.

Also please attend Memorial events they are posted in your local papers. It will make a rewarding difference in your family’s life and our military.

Why do we as Americans celebrate Memorial day? The answer is because it is a day of our remembrance for the many brave military who died in service to our country (as most people probably know). Our country started this tradition of Memorial Day at the end of the Civil War May 5, 1866; it was a day to gather and honor and pray for those that died in our military service. Our country continued the tradition and celebrates Memorial Day the last Monday of May. Memorial Day was originally known as Decoration day and was first celebrated on May 1, 1865.In addition, our first Memorial Day was organized by women and African Americans because they were unable to fully participate in the war. It first became a federal holiday 1971. 

Many Americans visit cemeteries, or memorials, participate in parades and family gatherings.  I urge your family and you to join in honoring our brave lost soldiers and our current military. Please have a good and safe Strong Heart Memorial Day! Also I truly thank all our current  United States Military. Please, all United States residents shop our Strong Heart Smart Shop or Cancer Free.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

My sources are my own observance, Loyola Press, Aei.Org, and the National Museum of American History.

Sincerely, B I Alsieux, the Founder

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