Strong Heart Energy Healing

G-O-D is within all our bodies and we all have the ability to heal our self. An energy healer is a cheer leader to help us have a strong belief in G-O-D and allows us to heal our self. There is in person healing or remote- it can be done at a distance (the energy healer has to have the highest energy ability developed). Our mental sate is our key to unlocking our Strong Heart Energy Healing (Our Spiritual Healing within our self). 

Aleta St James was voted NY’s best Energy Healer and I would highly recommend that you read her book, “Life Shift”. She is an amazing person and mother of beautiful twins. She is a great inspiration to me. Her philosophy is to not fight against the unpleasant things that occur in our life but, to make changes in our life to help us through what we experienced. Also Aleta St James believes that we all need to tap into our creativity and do something positive with our life. 

I believe that anything is possible in our life; it is never to late to try new things. For me, I founded and started Parental World Knowledge, I enjoy immensely helping people all around the world. My creativity just keeps flowing and I am finding a greater joy and fulfillment in my life. The unpleasant experiences that I had in life, I am turning around and sharing with the world to help all people live a more rewarding life. We all have to accept that we always can’t be happy but, keep our vision of positive things and thank G-O-D. 

I am an Energy Healer(I am known as Miraculous heal on Twitter-NJ Hall of Fame followed me and I was nominated to it and our Mr Mayor Cory Booker, who is currently running for Senator representing NJ (I greatly admire and support him) followed me on Twitter and many other wonderful prominent people followed me on Twitter); I have prayer healed by touching her shoulder (G-O-D does the healing) permanent nerve damage of a woman named Mary that was documented at her neurologist’s office; the doctor tried many different medicines and methods for many years to heal her and was unsuccessful. Mary simply prayed to G-O-D with me and G-O-D did the Miraculous healing. My niece through marriage was unable to have a child and she tried for years and as soon as I found out, I did prayer healing with her by touching her shoulder and she conceived a healthy baby girl nine months later(I made an earlier blog on Parental World Knowledge about it). Also I prayer healed many other people that had injuries, acute neck pain, stomach viruses and Cancer. I have the ability to do remote prayer healing.

In closing, I hope that all people will have an open mind about Strong Heart Energy Healing. If any one needs my help please, call me 973736-1637 or e-mail me or subscribe me on Parental World Knowledge. My fee is reasonably priced and it will go towards keeping my Blog going and eventually towards a college fund on Parental World Knowledge. Please, all shop at our Heart Strong Smart Shop or Cancer Free.                           Thanking-You,                                                                                                                                                              B I Alsieux, the Founder of Parental World Knowledge

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