Spiritual Direction A True Story

I enrolled my son into religious school at age 5. He at first wasn't thrilled to be attending. So, I took a part time volunteer job at the religious store. I was there if my son needed me or needed just to see me. My son came to see me in between classes and I gave him encouragement to attend his classes. He started to like attending.

Also I attended Bible Study with him weekly;we were asked to explain psalms in the bible and it was fun for both of us. I already read daily psalms to my son at home and he always enjoyed them;I explained them at first and later I asked my son to explain them and he did.

We also attended regular weekly religious service;it was wonderful for us singing and we played religious games at service and my son got prizes for answering questions correctly.

My son learned and enjoyed so much that he started to help a friend of his that also attended religious school.

Also my son went on to religious high school and it was on his own accord. In addition, my son for five years was very active at NJIT's Religious Life and he encourage youth to be actively involved;he read out loud from the bible in front of large groups that he gathered. He graduated NJIT School of Architecture with honors. Now, I am encouraging my son to attend Messianic Religious Service with me and to also attend by himself at our place of worship where we both attend High Holy Days together. It is a mother's or father's responsibility to keep reminding and encouraging a young adult. Also remind our youth to always love and put G-O-D first. The most productive thing that my son can do in his life is to always make the time for our G-O-D and his life will always be as wonderful as it has been all his life. His regular continued worship as a youth will have great impact on his life and have him practice it with his future family one day. Also one day in the future, I look forward in encouraging my future grandchild.

I hope that you and your child will also have many wonderful religious experiences. Please, also always encourage your child at any age to read the bible with you and buy a personal bible that they can have near their bed side to read on their own. Please, attend regular worship with your child. Also become actively involved with your child in bible study and other fun activities where you worship. You and your child will develop a closer relationship with G-O-D and you will develop a closer relationship with one another.I am thanking G-O-D for all parents and families around the world.

B I Alsieux

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