Some More Wonderful Girl Names and Their Greek Meanings

13. Angeliki-meaning "Messenger", "Angel". US version is Angel. It is a variant of Angela.

14. Annie-meaning "kindhearted, gentle toward others, gorgeous. Ann is another version English and Greek. Anne is a variant spelling of Ann. Annette is a French form of the US and Greek name Ann.

15. Betty-meaning "my G-O-D is plentiful" US version of the name is Elizabeth and Beth. Elizabeth was famous from the Old Testament and she was the mother of John the Baptist and the earliest known bearers of this name.

16. Darrellyn-meaning "greatly loved" US version Darlene derived from the word darling.

17. Edith-meaning "happiness". Other variations are Edit, Editta, Edita, Dita, Edyth, Edyta, Edyte. It was ranked 39% as one of the most popular US names 2012.

18. Georgia-meanings "earthworker" "farmer" and it is derived from the name Georgos ge-"earth" ergo means "work". It has 46 forms that are used in English and foreign languages. English forms of the name include-Geegee, Georgeann, Georgenne, Georgeena, Georgeina, Georgejean, Georgena, Georgenia, Georgetta, Georgett,(used in French too) georgi, Georgiana, Georgianna, Georgianne, Georgiena, Georgina(German, Russian, Spanish too)Georginah, Georgine(used in French and German too), Geogette, Georgy, Georgyana, Georgann, Georganne, Georjette, Giorgina, Giorgyna, Jeorjia, Jorgette, Jorja. Other familiar names are Georgie and Georgene. Other forms of the name used in Spanish is Gina and french Gigi. It was ranked in 2010 number 326 in the US. Georgia is the feminine version of the English name George.

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