Saving Money Tips on Cleaning and Home Care

1. If you have the used empty Post Office Shipping Box, it is a great sturdy box to store your bills or other household items and label and date each one.

2. Re-use a shoe lace that is sturdy and in great condition as an extended cord for your ceiling fans;  tie a few knots around the short metal pull chain. 

3. Save on water to water you garden plants; put a  Rain Barrel to collect the storm water from your roof(some governments give a free one NYC does-check with your town).

4. Re-use vacuum cleaner attachments for your new vacuum ;it is great to extend the attachments to reach the ceiling and hard to reach areas under the furniture.

5. Make a great Stacking toy for young kids with your old sturdy Melamine cups; I  had all sizes and my son at age 2  loved building high structures(  now in his early 20’s he is designing high building structures as a Lead Green Architect  

6. Have a Carnival Games Birthday Party by using all your child’s toys and sporting equipment: I placed everything out in our yard and made tickets and every time a child won they got a card to redeem for prizes that I bought at the dollar store. In case of rain, I had cleared out all the furniture in my basement and some in my living room so that the kids could still have the Carnival rain or shine.

7. I re-used my old filing cabinets in my garage to hold all my screw drivers, hammers and other tools.

8. Use your old carry on luggage that folds and seals to store your summer clothes or winter clothes and this way your clothes stay fresh and clean and free of moths and store in your hallway closet.

9. Go through your house and downsize your possessions and hold a garage sale; I made hundreds of dollars on each one I held usually.

I wish all families a lot of good health and happiness and a lot of savings;take a family vacation with your savings.

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