Quicker Cleaning Tips-Saving Time is Money!

1.Use Toothpaste to clean your Silver.
2.Use a Sponge under your bar of soap.
3. Brillo Soap Pad takes off stubborn Scuffs and Dirt Marks on Vinyl Floor and Leather Shoes.
4.Seltzer takes out stubborn stains on linen, rugs, cloth.
5.White Vinegar cleans plastic.
6.Clean your stove top with oven cleaner and rinse well with cold water and then put the flame gards in your dishwaher.
7. If your Swifter Mop breaks put a piece of wood on with strong masking tape and it is sturdy again.
8. Bake apples in your Microwave in a Microwaveable container with water;it will give your house a fresh smell.
9. Sterilize your used sponges in the microwave set the timer for a few minutes;it gets rid of mildew.
10. Use a lint remover roller to clean your lamp shades.
11. Use a hard corrugated piece of mail to scrape off fruit and vegetable stains on your Vinyl Floor;it comes rt off without scrubbing.
12. Use your Swifter Mop and use a rag wrapped around it and Spray Lysol All Purpose Cleaner To scrub your bathroom tile walls and Ceiling.

I hope that these tips help save all a lot of time and money! 

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