Quick Tasty Meatloaf

90% Lean Chop Meat 2lb Package
Nabisco Whole Wheat Crackers 1 Section of the Box
Eggs 3
Red Pack Tomato Sauce 1 Large Can
Optional Sliced Well Washed Mushrooms 1/2 small container

Heat the Tomato Sauce in a Large Pot and while it is cooking mix the Meat in a large bowl, Crumbled the Crackers and add it to the Meat, and well beat the eggs in a small bowl and then add it to the meat mixture. Then, turn off the heated Tomato Sauce and add it to the meat mixture. If you are using the optional sliced mushrooms, add them now. Season to your taste. Bake in a Medium Size Casserole Dish at 350 degrees bake 50 minutes-60 minutes(depending on your oven and altitude).Please, set your timer. The meatloaf should feel firm and remove a 1/4 cut piece with a large pancake turner and it serves 4 people.
Serve with a Baked Sweet Potato and Steamed Broccoli and a pat of Butter. Enjoy!

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