Quick Pepper Steak

Angus Beef 2 lbs

Red Peppers 3

Spanish Onions 2 Large

Belgium Carrots ½  package

Tomatoes 3 Large on the Vine

On a cutting board cut into small strips the already rinsed with cold water Steak; put in a large pot of  boiled water(the water level should be ¾ full to start).

Then, wash the outside and inside of the Peppers with cold water and take out all seeds and cut on the cutting board into small strips. Next, add the pepper strips to the Steak Pot.

Rinse the Onions with cold water and cut into small strips and add to the Steak pot.

Rinse the Carrots with cold water and then add to your Steak Pot.

Let the Steak Pot cook for 20-30 minutes(depending on your stove top the meat should be almost tender test with a fork and, please, set your timer) and then, add the already rinsed with cold water and already cut up in quarters on the cutting board the tomatoes to the Steak Pot and cook another 10 minutes-20 minutes(depending on your stove top and please, set your timer). The steak should be tender.

Serves 4 people.

Serve over cooked Minute Brown Rice. Also first serve a tossed salad and light dressing. Dole Pineapple is a good dessert. I hope that all enjoy!

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