Quick Mouth Watering Burger

Spanish Onion 1 Large

White Button Mushrooms Optional 1 Package

90% or 80% Lean Chopped Meat 1 Two Pound Package

Sea Salt Sprinkle

Ehlers or Mc Cormack Black Pepper Sprinkle

Low Fat Shredded Mozzarella Cheese 1 Package

1. On your cutting board, finely dice your onion that was washed with cold water and peeled. Then place in a large bowl.

2. Next finely dice the Mushrooms which you washed well with cold water. Add that to the Onion Bowl.

3. Add the Chopped Meat that you rinsed with cold water in sections.

4. Sprinkle the Salt and Pepper on the Meat Mixture; mix well.

5. Turn Your Broiler on High Broil.

6. On a Large Broiler Pan that Drains put a sheet of foil and perforate over the pan slits; make large burger patties and press down firmly each one; a hamburger press is great but, if not just press down firmly with your hands.

7. Set the oven timer please,  for 7 minutes or more( depending on your broiler) on each side. Use a perforated pancake turner to turn the burger over and press the burger gently down on the pan.

8. Put the Cheese on each burger and back in the oven 1 minute (Please set your timer) to melt.

9. Serve on Whole Wheat Rolls or Whole Wheat Bread with a bed of Romaine Lettuce and Thin Sliced Tomatoes and Heinz Ketchup. 

10. Serves 6 people. Also serve steamed Broccoli with a dab of butter and a Baked Sweet Potato.

I hope that all enjoy!

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