Please Lock Up All Your Medicines, Documents and Valuables

Our young children will open every cabinet, draw, closet, and filing cabinet and safety box that we have;; my son did when he was an infant but, I always kept our medicines and other items locked up. So, rather than we leave it to chance let’s lock all items.; especially our medicine cabinet it could save our child’s life-not a thing is more valuable than our children. Why aggravate ourselves that our child might touch our personal items and destroy them? You can purchase an inexpensive  but, sturdy plastic locks and they have safety cords that can lock even draws up if you have good strong handles. Also in the event of a fire or a natural disaster it is best to keep things in a fire safety box ;it gives us our peace of mind knowing our possessions will be safe. You can purchase an inexpensive fire proof portable safety box; when I go on vacation or even leave the house to go to the store-I know that my documents will be safe. Also I have one safety fire proof cabinet for my personal items. Also if you have expensive jewels and other expensive items, a bank has affordable personal safety deposit boxes; also you will be protecting yourself against possible theft. All these a fore mentioned  suggestions are valuable lessons to teach our young children, teens and even our young adults because our youth will learn to respect that certain things belong solely to us. Furthermore, our children will learn to follow our good habits when they are grown and have to keep their own possessions safe. 

I wish all people a lot of happiness!

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