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I always kept a watchful eye on my son growing up and kept him out of harms way. Today with child trafficking happening around the world and increased illegal gun use on children , abduction and rape of children, we as parents need to keep even a more watchful eye on our kids. Please, be with your child as much as possible. Be sure that you get to know well the family of your child’s friend before you allow play dates and a sleep over; I accompanied my son on many play dates with the other parents before I would 

allow my son to be alone or sleep over his friends family’s home. Dr Phil recently had a program on his T.V. Show about a 12 year old girl was on a play date with her friend in the park accompanied by her friends father and he raped her right in the park. The mother and father did not find out about their daughter’s rape until she reached the age of 15 years of age; the girl was threatened by her offender not to tell. Also we need to talk to our children and tell them never allow any one to touch you and harm you; if that ever happens that they can tell us and we will protect them.

I hope and pray to G-O-D for all the very best in your child’s life and yours!

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