Partner With G-O-D

There was once upon a time the greatest skilled tailor, who was the best in the world but, his shop had very little business. He prayed to G-O-D, “please, help me get more paying customers and a partner, G-O-D”. Then, a man appeared immediately after at his tailor shop and said that he admired his great skill and he could get him many paying customers in a few weeks if so, make him a partner. The tailor agreed and a few weeks later the shop was filled with many paying customers;the man kept his promise. Then , the man asked the tailor, “am I your partner now? The tailor replied, “yes’. Then, the man said, “ I would like to name our shop and I want my name first, please, since I got most of our paying customers”. The tailor agreed. What do you think was the name? Answer: Lord Taylor

The moral of this story is Partner With G-O-D and you will always succeed in life. We can not do this journey in life alone. We all need to turn towards G-O-D and love G-O-D first and put G-O-D first and foremost in our lives. Please, all pray daily and read your bible and attend regular worship and if you are unable to attend worship watch Televised religious programs; Joel Osteen is a wonderful minister and provides our world with great spiritual advice. Whatever our venture in life, we should honor G-O-D and gain all the strength from the love and support of G-O-D. Please, all extend this worship to your child and family and friends and all people that you meet in life. We would all be lost without being a partner with G-O-D. So, all make your partnership with G-O-D today!

Best Regards,

B I Alsieux, Founder of Parental World Knowledge and Partner With G-O-D "One half of the funds from all future donations to my website will go towards a college fund for all students attending college in the United States and this includes foreign students that are attending college in the United States".

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