Parents Exercise Caution With the Meds With Attention Decifit Disorder

My son’s first friend who he met in the First Grade had Attention Deficit Disorder. His friend was a very loving and intelligent child but, he needed to keep extremely active. Also even when his friend was very active, he still had occasional mood swings and he could attempt to get violent but, with constant supervision by an adult or a child like mine who was very supportive his behavior was okay. If his mother ever forgot to give my son’s friend his medicine (even though he received regular Psychiatric care), he would become more aggressive and he attempted more violence; this happened only once when his mother forgot to give her son his medicine to take with him at a sleep over. I would always ask his mother after that did you give him his medication. So I kept always a close watch and things never got out of hand. But his friend would get very tired at times from his medication that controlled his condition; finally his mother(mother’s intuition) thought it best to stop his medication when he became a teenager and he became like a different person. His friend was calmer and happier. I just read an article on Stumble Upon and it stated that ½ the young adults in their 20’s that are still on their medication since childhood to treat Attention Deficit Disorder end up in the emergency room. So, please, parents use great caution with still giving your child this medicine for Attention Deficit Disorder and look for other avenues to supplement Psychiatric sessions such as Dahn Yoga and Meditation, proper exercise with sports (join a team), and an excellent nutritionist is extremely important.

I hope and thank G-O-D for all families.

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