Our Strong Heart Nutrition

1. Our heart is our prime organ of our body and we all need Our Strong Heart Nutrition.

2. We should avoid foods high in unsaturated fats and cholesterol. 

3. Our body need antioxidants to combat free oxygen radicals that occurs by a number of processes inside our cells and  by external processes such as cigarette smoking, radiation, pollution, heavy metals, and drugs, which prevents our tissue damage (our heart tissue is the most significant tissue that is in our body). Our body usually handles the Free Oxygen radicals by us having Our Strong Heart Nutrition such as,Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin A and enzymes. By us eating USDA certified Organic Vegetables and Fruit, we can  maintain our health; ½ our plate each meal 2.5 cups of vegetables and 2 cups fruit per day and is recommended according to our Gov Food Plate (which replaced our Gov food Pyramid-my earlier Blog).  

4. Us having a Raw Food diet will lower our risk of heart disease; 75% of the foods are uncooked. It consists of foods such as vegetables, sprouts, seeds, nuts, grains, beans(soak over night for better digestion and then cook), seaweed and fruit (also dried fruit). We should soak our nuts over night before eating them for also better digestion. If we have still a difficult time with digestion, we can steam our Raw Vegetables (a steamer is very inexpensive).

5. We should eat grains such as low fat breads , cereal, crackers, rice (we should soaked over night before cooking for better digestion), pasta, and starchy vegetables(such as Lima Beans (soak overnight for better digestion before you cook it), peas, potatoes, corn and winter squash. These foods are high in fiber, B vitamins and iron. Also they are lower in fat and cholesterol. We should eat 6 ounces per day according to our Gov Food Plate and do not overeat it can make us gain weight. Don’t eat butter rolls, croissants and other high in high in Fat.

My sources are my own observations, Medical Online, NY Times, Washington Post and the Gov Food Plate.

Please, all United States residents shop at our Strong Heart Smart Shop or Cancer Free; always check first with your doctor before changing your diet. Thanking-You, B I Alsieux, the Founder of Parental World Knowledge.

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