More Saving Money Home Care Tips

1. For a Special Birthday, please, make your own floral arrangements ;you can purchase a beautiful etched with roses glass jar in the Dollar Store and fill it with marble pebbles (you can purchase a large bag for about $5.00) and colorful rose silk flowers that you can also purchase in the dollar store.

2. You can make re-designed jewelry by using your broken antique jewelry; you can use earrings, bracelets, necklaces and pins and use a needle nose pliers to remove the charms from the old jewelry and re-set where you want it. You can buy stretchy cord gold or silver at a craft store and tie a few knots at one end and put on the charms; you should make all 6 strands if fine cord but if thick no need-then tie a knot a few times to seal the bracelet or necklace that you make. Also you can make re-designed pins by adding jewelry with a hot glue gun.

3. If you have an old baby pool that your child has outgrown, use it for your dog, our summers have gotten hotter and you dog would love to cool off:

4. When you buy a new computer you do not need to buy a new monitor, my old dell monitor works with my brand new dell computer. If your old monitor is broken buy one at a garage sale;I bought some monitors for as little as $6-$10.

5. If you have Classic toys in Mint condition such as a Mickey and Minny Banks re-gift and give that as a present.

6. I bought a $1 photo album at the dollar store that has see through plastic pages and I put my important documents  in it; it is a great way to organize your personal papers. You save time looking for your papers so, you save money.

I wish all families good health, good luck, please, save today for you child's future tomorrow!

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