More Info About College Scholarships and Grants

The EOP is an Equal Opportunity Program. It is available for all underprivileged prospective students or students.Your child as a prospective student or student needs to apply early before their freshman year to be enrolled for Fall Enrollment. Please, have your child contact the colleges Financial Office and request the EOP office. Once your child is a college student, they will be given a date to attend an EOP meeting:please, remind your child to attend this meeting- this is how your child will get a Stipend or Financial check. The check that your child receives can be used for books, computer programs, other college supplies and money towards college tuition. Please, note parents that your child needs to keep their grades up to be able to receive these funds;check with your child's college criteria.

Also have your child apply for the EOF it is an Equal Opportunity Federal Program;your child can get this program in addition to the EOP. Again the funds can be used for the same purposes as the EOP funds were. The EOP department can give you the phone number of the EOF. Your child need to keep their grades up to receive this aid;check with you college criteria. 

In the rare event, a promised college scholarship or grant is cut short, there are additional EOP and EOF funds that you can have your child apply to receive.

Also there is a Smart Scholarship that your child can also apply to receive;check with your child's college Financial Office for the required grade and have your child apply immediately.

I wish all parent's prospective students and students a lot of good luck!

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