More Green Tips on Home Cleaning and Care

1. Use the inside of a banana's skin to polish patent leather belts,shoes and pocket books.

2. Use an empty see through soft plastic(the kind that doesn't chip) case behind your door to be a door stop.

3.Use baskets to organize your house items:I put all my bibles in a large See through Hefty Bag(they will last longer) and on a large basket and my regular care lotions in a see through Hefty Bag(keep your children lotions and plastic bag in a locked cabinet) and in a basket and I keep one large basket under my kitchen sink and my bathroom sink to organize my items(also when you are looking for something it is easy to pull out and find).You will have less spills and save more money.

4.I bought a dozen metallic gold rub buffs in a small tube and I was able to restore 24 worn wooden frames;just use cloth rag to apply by rubbing a small amount at a time and make sure you have great ventilation.Do not let children or some elderly around when you do this project.

5. Buy a good UL listed and Hepa Filter Purifier for great ventilation and save on heat and air-conditioning if we open a window then we would put up the heat or the air conditioner up.

6. Don't throw empty plastic Craft containers such as for beads:re-use I store nails, screws, and other items and I use as a water container for Watercolor painting and other painting.

7. I re-use a large gallon juice container and make piggy banks with them;your kids can draw on them with permanent Non-Toxic Markers and Glue on ears with piece of felt and a tail use a pipe cleaner that is squiggled up. Also it will get your kids to save even more by saving money in it.

8. Re-use an empty see through quilt heavy plastic bag that zips to put stuffed animals in or light toys;ask your child to put their toys in her when done playing. Also you can use another quilt bag for store your shoes in. Supervise your children with these bags and lock away in a cabinet when done.

9. Buy stick on felt pieces in a dollar store to put under all your chair legs to save your floors from damage.

10. Store your Cereals, Ritz Crackers, Goya Beans, Ronzoni Spaghetti, Minute Rice and other food items in Large Hefty see Through Bags and always squeeze out the air before zipping shut:your cereal will last longer and be fresher and less spills because it is easier to pour from a bag then holding a box. Also put your Fresh Veggies in Hefty Bags and squeeze out the air before zipping and putting in the refrigerator.

11. Use a towel when ironing to save your clothes from heat damage.

12. Keep the Clear plastic bag from your napkins: I store fresh bread in it and the ones that have a string I store Craft items. Again Supervise your children and store in locked cabinets the bags.

I hope that all parents and your children and your family are safe, healthy and have fun! 

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