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I recently told a dear friend of mine how much my son and I owe still for a Federal Loan(we have 3 years to begin payment again since he just recently graduated and doesn't have regular employment) for my son attending and graduating NJIT college. He could not believe that college cost was so much more now as compared to 20 years ago when he attended Engineering College. I told him what we owe is very low considering what others owe. My brother and one of his sons, a Chiropractic Doctor owes almost seven times as much as us. We applied for every conceivable scholarship and grant, as I discussed in an earlier blog;so we were fortunate. But, I want all parents prepared that if you don't apply for a Falsa, Federal and State HESSA and TAG, EOP(Equal Opportunity Fund), EOF(Equal Opportunity Federal) and every conceivable scholarships and grants, you are facing enormous college bills. You child could first attend a junior college and then attend later a good graduate college. You can Google to find scholarships and grants-Rotary  Club, Sports, Music, Men's Club and Religious a Veteran's Post. Also with your job there may be a college fund savings plan inquire about it. Today it is absolutely necessary for a child to get a college education for obtaining a good job;even with a college education good jobs are a little difficult to find. You can also Google your job title;my son found 250 Architect jobs that were posted online and he applied to all and sent his resume.All were filled but, 1 that NJIT did a very favorable study on(stated leading small firm in our country) he still called(because I urged him to, mother's instincts) and Newworks Architecture, Newark,NJ,made a job opening and hired him almost full time(he worked 3 1/2 years). Also your child can apply for a part time job at the college that they are attending.

I wish all parents great luck with your child's future!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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