Marbleized Easter Eggs Your Kids Can Create

Plastic Eggs 3 packages

Non Toxic  Permanent Magic Markers All Colors 2 Packages

Non Toxic Permanent Metallic Markers Gold and Silver

Old  Shirt from Father or Other Male Adult

1. Put on the Old Shirt and roll up the sleeves.

1. Please, take the closed Plastic Eggs and place on some newspaper.

2. Color small parts of the Plastic Eggs with the Different Colors; allow it to dry.

3. Take your Gold or Silver Marker and shake well with cap on. Then, press first on newspaper to get it flow. Then put small streak lines on the colored egg. Allow to dry.

4. You can do an Easter Hunt and kids can win your beautiful eggs or display your eggs in a China Closet in a crystal Bowl.

5. I hope that all have a wonderful and fun Easter!

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