Kale Stands Above All the Other The Green Vegetables

Kale is a excellent green vegetable that stands above the rest of the green vegetables because it has high  Fibre and excellent Nutrients (Vitamin A and Calcium). Also it fights Fat. In addition, it keeps you full. Kale is high in Antioxidants and according to nutrition experts Kale plays a major role in the fight against Heart Disease, Cancer, and other Aging diseases. Kale also has Carotenoids, which is Lutein and Zeaxathin that prevents UV Rays damaging your eyes and causing Cataracts. It may also help prevent Osteoporosis. It is very low in Cholesterol. Kale also has good amounts of Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Folic Acid, Potassium and Manganese. It also might prevent Dementia. It is a strong Anti-Inflammatory. It has a 3 Glycenic Index; we need a day 100 or less. Kale can be eaten Raw in Salads: suggestion mix 1 cup servings per person with  3 pieces of Romaine Lettuce  per person, ½ cup of Baby Spinach per person, Sliced Mushrooms 1/3 cup per person, 3 slices tomatoes on the vine and Belgium Carrots 1/3 cup, Broccoli 4 stalks per person, and unsalted mixed nuts and fruit sprinkled on top or medium toast 1 slice of whole wheat bread per person and cut it in cubes as Croutons and serve with a low fat Vinaigrette Dressing. Also I  would make another meal with my Lasagna recipe with a cup of Kale per person in it (layer each cup of Kale before you put the layer of cheese and Sauce.

I hope that  all enjoy!

Sources by “Editors of Publications International, Ltd.” and “Self Nutrition Data.”

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