It is Not Wise to Give Your Child Everything That They Request

A father from California, USA, asked me, "Is it best not to give my 11 year old daughter, who lost her mother 2 years ago, everything that she asks for?"

My response: In my opinion, it is best not to give everything that a child requests because it will definitely spoil your child; your child would most likely associate getting things for their self worth. Dr Phil had a previous TV Shows about this subject that I a fore mentioned and he agrees with my opinion that I did years earlier.  If you give your child, little tasks around the house, as long as they have good motor skills, the child will learn their own self worth;you could have your child fold their own clothes and tidy their own room and their playroom. You can give rewards for the tasks that they do. Your child will keep developing their self worth if you continue doing this practice. Also if your child does bad behavior, you can take away something or some privilege;for instance I took away my sons video games when he didn't want to do his homework at age 5 and his privilege of going to Mc Donalds-he quickly did his homework. My son went on to be a scholar. In addition, Dr Phil also said on his TV Shows, that parents should take away some things from your child if they are not behaving.

I wish all parents good luck and stick to your high principles!

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