Important Pet Advice

I read on Facebook recently that Clark Animal Hospital, Rahway, New Jersey USA is opened until 7PM: which is wonderful since most parents both work today and it allows your time to get there after work.  I lost my collie Princess 25 years(I mentioned Princess in my earlier blog that Pets Can Extend Our Lives) that was actual age because her Vet and owner of an animal hospital of 25 years said give her ½ an aspirin and go there in the morning and he would treat her cold and mild fever ;I went first thing in the morning but, my pet died in my arms on the way. I entrusted this Vet who took excellent care of her for 25 years :I now unfortunately know I should have gone to an animal hospital that was opened later and if need be animal hospital that has 24 hour Vets. I believe that my pet would have lived many more years if I went for immediate treatment. I hope that my a fore mentioned advice helps prolong your pets life. 

Also, Dr. Anant V Joshi DVM said that I must have taken great care of my dear dog’s health to give her such longevity and he never personally seen nor heard of a dog living that long. The Vet doctor got me to think about why my Pet lived this long: first of all, I never left my dog at a kennel; she traveled all over the country with us and I gave her mostly pet food and if it was our table food only the leanest and finest cut of meat or chicken. In addition, she had all her shots and was checked regularly by her Vet. I always gave her plenty of fresh water. She also had fresh Hartz Mountain Rawhide Chew Bones. I washed her every day with Hartz Mountain cleaner. She always slept on the foot of my bed. I took Princess on long walks and she loved jumping in the shallow brook and take a swim. Also I took her to a reservation and let her run free but today with dog theft have a long untangling leash. Even indoors, my father gave her a work out; he will shout yaw, yaw ,yaw and that was Princess’s freedom word for being able to run all around our home: she had so much fun and joy from that. Princess was treated like my sister by my whole family and if you love your pet like that hopefully your pet will live that long and longer. Also, as I said in my earlier blog pets also extend our lives because they give us so much love. I wish all parents, your kids and family a lot of many great years with your loving pets.


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