Important Info About Leukemia and Other Cancers

The University of Pennsylvania’s Research Scientists found that HIV with T Cells and White Blood Cells has helped cure two Leukemia dying patients 100% (no recurrence for a year now) and one Leukemia dying patient showed marked improvement at 70%; also these Research Scientists believe that this can help cure other forms of Cancer. This treatment killed at least 1,000 Tumor Cells in all three patients. The T Cells were either too weak to kill all the Cancerous Tissues or it was too toxic against the Normal Tissues. It took twenty years of Scientific Research to find these a fore mentioned discoveries. “The New England Journal of Medicine”: “T Cell Study initial tests show that the HIV Virus can drastically minimize and even helped cure the most common forms of Leukemia.” Scientists are also experimenting and believe that Stem Cells can work to kill forms of Cancer. It took 20 years of scientific Research to find these a fore mentioned discoveries. My sources for this blog are from , US NewsWorld Report,  , and

Please, all that can watch tomorrow at 9 AM Eastern Central Time “the Doctors” TV Show (Dr Phil announced on his show today);it is about the a fore mentioned Cancer Research.

I hope that all parents and their families are in good health!

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