Important Health Facts for All

1.All my life I avoided having Drinks with Concentrates because I didn’t care for the taste; now I now realize that it also was not good for my body and my body was telling me through my taste buds; after I read the Trim Down Club’s informative article on Stumble Upon. The Trim Down Club stated that the Concentrated Fruit Juice puts your body in fat storing mode and then, weight gain will happen. So, buy juice with a labe that states not made from a concentrate.

2. Foods never agreed with me that was high in Fructose Corn Syrup and I avoided them and for good reason again it will store fat, according to the Trim Down Club . Interesting enough there is a commercial on TV on Channel 2 that runs between different shows and it makes a false statement that high Fructose Corn Syrup is good for you ;so, please, do not believe all you hear on commercials. Also this can lead to Type 2 Diabetes according to the Trim Down Club.

3. I always liked the taste of butter and  never cared for the taste of margarine and again my body was telling me through my taste buds according to the Trim Down Club;the trans fats increase Cardiovascular Disease and cause us to gain weight-it literally wipes out our good cholesterol. So, butter that tastes better is better.

4. Pumpernickle Bread as always my favorite bread ;again my body had my taste buds telling me it is better for your diet.. But, I can’t always get it today in the market and I would buy Whole Wheat Bread (do not eat white flour or it is much worst) instead and it was higher in carbohydrates and put on more weight (after I had an injury) but, when I increased my vegetables and fruits I noticed an improvement in my weight. Also Protein is high in carbohydrates as well as whole wheat bread is but, when combined with vegetables and  fruit(but it is better to eat more vegetables as I covered with my research about the food plate from our Government Statistics) it will lower  your carbohydrates; according to the Trim Down Club.

5. I always have healthy snacks during the day my body I feel needs it:I now know why according to the Trim Down Club it is due to Adiponectin the Fat burning hormone.

6. All healthy diets need the proper food for our blood type and many of us desire that food but, also many are unaware and eat the wrong foods. Please, ask your doctor what foods you should eat for your blood type and if not research it yourself at your local library.

7. Also we all need the right balance of proper food but, we need occasional sweets to offset us from our cravings and over eating ;I heard this on Channel 2 News. Also the Channel 2 report said that have it early in the day. 

8. Also bend your knees while standing and breathe in and out as much as possible before eating a meal;Dr O said this on a former program.

I hope that all my tips and my research will help you and your family stay very healthy.

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