I Succeeded Because My Son Has Good Habits

My son, in his early 20's came home with two of his friends, also in their 20's, 1:00 AM tonight. One of his friends lives far out of town and was very tired because he works for the military;so, my son did the right thing inviting him to sleep over because we have an extra room. It reminded me that our home always had many of his friends  sleeping over and a few that lived here with us-some as much as 6 months at a time. My son developed good habits early in life and had the empathy for his teenage friends;some did not get along with their parents and relatives that they lived with and were just thrown out and no place to go. Our home was always like a wayward home, a resting place for my son's friends. I was always a very easy going and loving parent but, at times I have to be firm with discipline;we as parents need an equal balance. It just occurred to me that our home has been always a safe haven for all teenage kids and now young adults and always will be and I am very proud that my son still has good habits. My son is a very caring young man. I succeeded because my son has good habits.

Please, parents don't be too tough in raising your children and always show love;discipline only when necessary-all kids even the best of them try to try our patience. We need to keep our cool but be firm at times. I hope that you have the wonderful adventures that I had with my son and I look forward to many more! I wish all a lot of good luck!

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