I Exercise Feng Shui With My Art

When I Paint and create Crafts, I exercise the practice of Feng Shui. I pray to G-O-D H-A-S-H-E-M in Y-E-S-H-U-A's name or J-E-S-U-S's name before I start to do my Art. Also I use bright colors and I utilize my space and light and thereby causing a positive flow of energy in my paintings. A Museum Curator in China wanted my paintings to be donated;I am very honored but, I will only donate my paintings to benefit our Charitable Org, Artist Barbara Alsieux Fine Art Studio, West Orange NJ, Essex County, USA Phone:973736-1637 http://www.essexcountypotteryclasses.com/ and the Epilepsy Foundation of NJ. When I do crafts, I have charms dangling to be able to move and chime with motion;again, it is a positive energy flow. I do believe every time there is a chime an Angel will get their wings. 

So, please, all parents exercise the practice of Feng Shui while doing Art with your children.It is an excellent way to guide your children towards Spiritual Direction. Please, pray with your children before they do their Art. Also , please, never correct your child's Art on their paper, canvas or craft;please, only show them on your own paper, canvas or craft; allow them to develop their own spirituality and their own growth. It is just like riding a bike, we need to at some time let go of the bike's handle bars and allow them to ride by themselves or they will never learn. 

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