I Believe That When an Athlete Keeps Their Faith In G-O-D, G-O-D Works Miracles

Many a time when my son did a wrestling match while he attended high school, it looked like he was going to lose but, he never gave up;he believed that G-O-D(because we prayed often and he attended religious high school) would help him win and he won almost all of his matches. My son at the time had Moderate Asthma and he had to drop weight to be in the lowest weight group (to fill the spot for that weight group so that the team wouldn't forfeit a match). 

Tonight, the Ravens just beat the 49ers and a player that was interviewed stated that the team didn't give up and kept their strong belief in G-O-D and this is how they won. I believe the Ravens won by Spiritual Momentum. The 49ers started to gain momentum after some of the lights went out but,I believe that G-O-D helped the Ravens because their strong belief didn't waver. 

Please, encourage your children to do sports and pray with them and have the attend religious school. By doing so, it will guide them towards Spiritual Direction. I wish your child and you every success.

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