How to Get Your Young Kids to Attend With Ease Dr Appointments

First of all, I would always highly recommend that you bring your child"s favorite stuffed animal or toy. If your child also wants to play with toys that are at the doctor office,bring sanitized wipes to clean them. Also you should play games with your child while waiting for their appointment:I played guess the object that I am thinking of in the room-you give a lot of clues and let your child guess(if your child is too young to know what the object is called, then just allow your child to point). Also bring their favorite snack and a juice drink in an insulated bag or box;promise when done with the doctor appointment that your child gets the rewards in the car. Bring a water bottle for your child and you at the doctor appointment. If your young child has to get shots, other medical procedures or have dental work, let your child squeeze your hand. Also if your young child is well, after  their doctor appointment, promise to take them out  to dinner at McDonalds.

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