Hearty Chicken Soup With Soup Greens

Tyson Chicken package of 5 whole leg pieces
Spanish Onion 1 Large
Soup Greens 1 Large Package
Season to Your Taste

Remove the skin mostly from the Chicken and rinse well with cold water and put in a large pot of boiling water and cover with a pot lid. Cook on medium heat for 2 hours;please,set your timer.

Peel and Cut the ends off of the Spanish Onion and wash it well with cold water and put in the Chicken pot.

Peel all the Soup Greens that need it and all soup should be washed well with cold water and add all to the Chicken pot.

Serve with long thin noodles cooked (and rinsed and drained) according to the brand's box instructions. Serve the chicken with a baked Sweet Potatoe and some cooked Sweet Red Beets.

Serves a Family of 5.

It is soup month and I hope that you make this soup and all enjoy!

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