Heart Strong Buy Gold

I suggest all Heart Strong Buy Gold it is a good small investment, according to CBS Money Watch  (as long as you check the credibility of the company with your local government) but, do not put all your money in gold because there are a number of low periods-put a substantial amount in the bank, and diversity with other investments such as reliable Copper and Kellogg’s. Currently, Gold’s value is down in price so, shares are more reasonably priced and more affordable to buy; more people would logically invest in a low priced stock if it is one that can yield high returns. 

Forbes Magazine also said that Gold is a good small investment and diversify with your other stocks. Also Forbes magazine said that an online survey 2011 said that Kellogg’s was voted number 7 leading stock in our nation. It is currently at about $50.00 a share; it is well worth it. Forbes Magazine is a number one magazine and business expert.

Gold has fallen $1,400 per ounce and holdings of SPDR Gold Trust is at their lowest mark since November 2009 according to CBS Money Watch.. January 21, 1980 Gold dropped down from $850 to $486 but by the years end it went back up to $590.00.and then $398 the following year and for the next 20 years. 2003 Gold went back up a lot because Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan suppressed rates. ParaphrasingWinston Churchill , he said thata the beginning is probably over -meaning now Gold will probably strat to yield high returns again. So, all the world Heart Strong Buy Gold in a small amount for your portfolio and I do it’s worth will soar again.

Also please all in the United States shop at our Heart Strong or cancer Free Smart Shop and get great savings by subscribing to our Smart Shop buy weekly , monthly, etc and save big. I am wishing all great luck with your portfolio;please, keep Parental World Knowledge in mind and donate to our college fund which is for American or Foreign Exchange Students that attend an American College.

My sources are my own observation, Forbes Magazine, CBS Money Watch, Winston Churchill and our US government.


Barbara Iris Alsieux


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