Heart Strong Animal Shelter

Please, all residents around the world give of yourselves, as a volunteer,  and also give your worn towels, blankets(no electric or comforters), dog leashes, dog collars, cat litter, can openers, dog and cat toys, heating pads, laundry detergent, anti-bacterial soaps, and paper towels to our local Heart Strong Animal Shelter. Our local animal shelter in West Orange, NJ USA, made a public service announcements and requested especially needed worn towels to be donated. Also, money donations are appreciated and your checks must be made out to the name of your animal shelter. In addition, please, donate to our local animal shelters because our animals save our lives everyday; police dogs, dogs that are trained to assist the medically ill and bring medication and bottled water, dogs prevent rape, and robbery, seeing eye dogs, and dogs extend our lives with their love.

In addition, please volunteer at your local Heart Strong Animal Shelter, which consists of all volunteers; the animal shelter is a 501(C) (3) non-profit organization. Your local animal shelter welcomes all volunteers-”you could transport animals to the Vets, socialize the animals, and you do not have to do animal caring-you could do fund raising, public outreach and education, graphic design, printing, special event coordination, legal counseling and more”. 

In closing, please, all call your local Animal Shelter today; start a regular tradition of volunteering or at least donating your used items. Our  animals deserve our love back for all they do for us. Also all can adopt a loving pet. Please, also visit our Heart Strong or Cancer Free Smart Shop and buy the very best USDA products that were given the highest ratings by our world’s leading scientists at Good Guide.


Barbara Iris Alsieux, the Founder and the Owner of Parental World Knowledge

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